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  • HSE Local Health Offices

    Your Local Health Office is your entry point to health and personal social services, where you can access a wide range of community health and personal social services. Services accessed through the Local Health Office and from Health Centres include general practitioner services, public health...
  • HSE Community Drugs Schemes Dublin Contact List

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: High Tech, LTI and DPS registrations/queries have been centralised to PCRS in Dublin. More details are available here. Last updated: 16th June 2017 Top tip: All numbers listed below are clickable on your smartphone, so you can ring them directly by simply tapping on them ;) High-...
  • HSE Liaison Pharmacists

    LAST UPDATE: 27/02/2018 These folks are your colleagues in the HSE and can be hugely helpful on a wide range of subjects, so don't be afraid to get in touch with them. Top tip: All numbers listed below are clickable on your smartphone, so you can ring them directly by simply tapping on them ;) AREA...
  • Diabetes Wall Charts

    Click on the links below to view the relevant diabetes charts: Blood Glucose Device Wall Chart Insulin Pen Wall Chart Insulin Pump Wall Chart Insulin Wall Chart Non Insulin Medication Wall Chart
  • High-Tech Ordering

    Allphar (01-4688456) Decapeptyl Norditropin Teysuno Somatuline Autogel Opsumit Norditropin Tracleer (both strenghts) Colobreathe Uniphar (01-4687501) Tamiflu Cellcept Humira Xeloda Tarceva Pulmozyme Synagis Mircera Zemplar Gonal-F Cetrotide Colomycin Vantas Luveris Glotrif Simponi Revatio Copegus...